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HomeAlcohol affects different people in different ways. Two people can drink the same amount of alcohol and react differently because of their gender, weight, ability to process and breakdown alcohol or their tolerance to alcohol. Even the same person can drink the same amount of alcohol on different occasions and be affected differently on each occasion. Below are some of the most significant factors to consider when you drink.

General Effects
Consumed responsibly, alcohol has a long history associated with enjoyment and celebration. Whether you drink wine, beer or spirits, moderate drinking has also been shown to have beneficial health effects in some individuals, particularly reduction in cardiovascular disease in middle-aged and older adults.
While drinking in moderation can be an enjoyable part of everyday life, heavy drinking, whether on a single occasion or over long periods of time can have negative consequences both for the individual and for society.

Immediate Effects
Everyone is different and so it's impossible to say exactly what the physical effects of alcohol consumption on individuals will be over time. However, in broad terms, the immediate effects of moderate drinking for most people are:
  • Relaxed, good feeling
  • Reduced ability and speed of processing information
  • Slower reactions
It is worth reminding ourselves what can happen when we don't make responsible choices.