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Intoxication is the point at which alcohol depresses your central nervous system so that your physical and mental abilities are noticeably affected. Each of us responds somewhat differently to the effects of alcohol based on our mood, the drinking setting, our physical health, weight and our tolerance. Typically, though, if you're drunk you are likely to experience impaired judgment and coordination, slurred speech, diminishing senses, slower mental processing and intensified emotions.

Potential Effects of Short-term Heavy Drinking
Even drinking to excess occasionally can have serious consequences. It impairs your judgment and can increase the odds for participating in risky behaviors that could result in injuries, accidents, unsafe sex, being a victim of a crime or getting into trouble with the police. Drinking very large amounts in one session can lead to acute alcohol poisoning, which in turn can result in unconsciousness, a coma, or even death.

Potential Effects of Regular Heavy Drinking
Heavy drinking on a regular basis may lead to serious health problems including alcohol dependence, sometimes called alcoholism; mood changes; pancreatic problems; liver cirrhosis; and many other types of physical and emotional health problems that have been well documented. In extreme cases, heavy drinking can result in alcohol poisoning, coma, brain damage and death.